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Bungaree Red Angus

About us

In 1974, on a trip abroad, Len saw, and fell in love with Red Angus cattle in the Clare district of South Australia. He imported 7 cows and one bull that came out by ship. This was the start of the Bungaree Red Angus Stud. Our cattle have been registered and are continually approved by the South African Angus Association.

We have hot summers and cold winters, and average rainfall of 400mm/year. Despite harsh conditions our cattle are veld reared, therefore hardy. They produce small calves – so calving problems are minimised. Because the carrying capacity of our veld is limited we need to cull stringently.

Our criteria for keeping cattle are, in order of importance:

  • Fertility
  • Ease of calving
  • Production statistics
  • Temperament
After more than 25 years of selection of cattle in this way, we believe that our gene pool is one of the best in the country.

Angus Breed Stud Statistics
  • 7 Herd awards in 13 years (for herd fertility – low inter-calving periods)
  • 3 individual outstanding animal awards

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